Assistance for Applicants from Abroad

Guide for students holding an international higher education entrance

You did not pass the Abitur examination in Germany or did not achieve a first vocational degree and want to apply for an undergraduate Bachelor course or Master course at our institute of higher education.
Thanks for that!
We progress your application in cooperation with “uni-assist” – office and service centre for international applications.

When applying please consider the following:

1) What are the courses you are most interested in?

Refer to Studienangebot (course offer) to get an overview of the courses offered at the KielUniversity of Applied Sciences. In addition, please see “uni-assist” for a detailed overviewof “Studieren in Deutschland” (studying in Germany) for international students.

2) Attention When applying via one online application only can be submitted. At the Kiel University of Applied Sciences you can submit only one application for a course with restricted admission.

As a first step, please register with uni-assist via Registrierung and then apply online. After registration you will receive the Zulassungsantrag der Fachhochschule Kiel (Kiel University of Applied Sciences Application Form).

When completing the application form please enter your email address, if possible. It will allow us to communicate quickly and reliable with you and settle questions.

3) Did you attach all supporting documents?

In order to confirm all information contained in your application form (education history, language skills, internships) you have to provide certified copies and certified translations of all supporting documents. We regret, we cannot consider incomplete applications.

When applying to several institutes of higher education which are uni-assist member universities you need to submit one set of documents only. Visit to find out if the institutes of higher education are members.

4) Application deadlines and further procedures

Please send your application to:

Fachhochschule Kiel
c/o uni-assist
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin

Application deadline for courses with restricted admission at the Kiel Universities of AppliedSciences is 15 January for the summer semester and 15 July for the winter semester. Date of receipt will be the date on which the complete application arrives at uni-assist. There are different deadlines for unrestricted courses. You will find the respective dates here. Applications via uni-assist can in general be submitted from the beginning of November for the summer semester and from the beginning of May for the winter semester.

Important note
As the number of applications has constantly increased during the last semesters delays inprocessing the applications can occur, especially shortly before deadline. As a result the offer of a study place will be delayed. As the Kiel University of Applied Sciences sets a Registration deadline you then might not be able to meet this deadline, especially when applicants are still abroad. Therefore, we strongly recommend applying to uni-assist as soon as possible.

uni-assist will access your application and inform you on the following procedure. When your documents are complete and you meet all entrance requirements uni-assist will forward your application to us. We will then select the most qualified applicants and offer them a place.

Should you not yet meet the entrance requirements uni-assist will inform you accordingly and request you to submit the missing documents. At the latest within one month you will hear back from uni-assist and be informed how they will proceed with your application.

5) Please pay the application fee

We are charging a fee for processing your application. For details click here.

Please pay your fee in due time so we can start processing your application. Please visit uni-assit pages for information about transfer of payment, method of payment and bank account.

Should you transfer the money from abroad please don’t forget to pay the bank transfer fee.

6) Any more questions?

You can find more explanations regarding the uni-assist procedure here:

Thank you for your application!
Your uni-assist team

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